Monday, July 13, 2009

I never particularly enjoyed writing, mostly because it was forced upon me during my education, to write simple analysis of works that I did not willingly read most of the time. This certainly squashed any passion for writing that may have developed. The writers revered in my English classes were not my cup of tea, at least not when thrust upon me.

I still have a desire to write something, a story, a book, sometimes fiction, and sometimes not. I may be under the delusion that I have something to say, or it might just seem like fun. Pulp fiction has given away to digital fiction, wherein anyone with access to a computer can be published on screens around the world. I've lived a relatively boring life, and books and stories have been a large part of relieving me from that boredom. Maybe I can do the same for someone else, or at least warn against living a boring a life.