Friday, November 2, 2007

An Ode to My Boots

Coworker's neglect
Steel toes protect
Waterproof sheathe
Yet my feet are wet
It must be sweat
Does leather breathe?

Dave Grossman and his Poem of the Week at Phrenopolis inspired this posting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well obviously my endeavor has failed after only its second day. Which is fine by me, I'm already aware I'm a horrible person. If only I could hold a candle to the Greatest Living American. However the whole point is to better myself, not wallow in the fact that I'm not perfect.

One thing I can point out the ways in which I'm not perfect in hopes that I'll recognize the bad habits when they occur. First of all I'm a consumer whore. In a little more than a month I have obtained 3 DS games (Puzzle Quest, Elite Beat Agents, and Final Fantasy III) , a GBA game (Sigma Star Saga, and an Xbox game (Halo: Combat Evolved). I also have a preorder for Pokemon DS, I could blame that on all my friends who want to get it at the midnight release, and want me to be there, but its still me buying it. At least I'm not paying more to take a bus with them to New York to go to a Pokemon party. I'm not sure how fun that sounds other than hanging out with them, which I can do for free here. Just not right then.

My habit board has gone by the wayside, where I record what I need to do, and whether or not I've done it every day. I should start that again, maybe I'll put the fact that I need to write every day on there.

I don't know what to think about Tech, its still that feeling of disbelief. Luckily none of my friends there were in harms way. All I know is I'm going to look into getting a gun.

Speaking of my second amendment rights, its tax day, probably not best to ask why I correlate the two. My props to the Fair Tax and I hope we can make April 15th, or 17th as it may be, just another day. Even though the day is almost over I haven't filed. I didn't make any income, so I owe no taxes. My father's tax guy said, and this is hearsay on my part, that since I don't owe the government anything, they won't come after me. I'll still file them eventually, just so it doesn't look odd that there is a year missing.

Here's to hoping that I don't further add to the blogfading as I've added to the podfading. I know no one reads this, which is the perfect reason to link this to The Real Man Podcast.

Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fool’s Day is truly a day for the fools who limit themselves to “freaking the squares” for just one day. Disruption should be a constant goal for those who truly wish to make fools of others, or at the very least make others open their eyes from their mundane existences. Every day is the best day to make people question if everything they know is wrong.

I have tests in my Funds Management in Financial Institutions and Portfolio Analysis class, I probably should’ve studied, I definitely should be studying now instead of writing this. I make poor decisions, and I have little discipline. I resolve to do things, and as soon as I have an excuse not to, I stop doing those things. These writings, as simple and random as they may be, will likely fall by the wayside without a greater resolve and dedication. Many of the things I do to improve myself have no discernable results for long periods of time. One of my goals was to study some every day, didn’t work out so well.

I have nothing to write really, and certainly nothing that couldn’t be or hasn’t been said by someone who could say it better. I could make this a log of my day, but that would make these postings shorter by an order of magnitude. Pretty much the only thing that happened was my PSP broke. I can no longer use it as an MP3 player, which was the only use I’m getting out of it anyway. The DS is a vastly superior machine, and much less fragile. I suppose I can find a tiny Phillips head screwdriver in an attempt to repair it. The warranty is far gone as it stands.

Have you ever had an experience where you never really noticed something for a long time, yet it is not unnoticeable by any measure, even if it doesn’t really matter? I’ve had this happen to me with a mountain. A road I had travelled many times, and it was right in front of me, far across the valley, yet I never noticed it until the sun shone on it just right. Now when I travel down that road, though it is much less often since I no longer live near it, I can’t help but notice that mountain. In the city of Richmond I’ve experienced much the same thing. Right across the street, visible from my window is a building with a very interesting looking texture, yet it took me many months before I noticed it, while it wasn’t as massive as a mountain, its proximity to me made this phenomenon seem all the more strange
In my endeavors to better myself I have resolved to attempt to write at least one page per day. There is no particular reason for doing this, no pattern or chosen subject that I must hold myself to, and ultimately no evidence this will have the desired effect at all. It is almost fitting that I try to start this on April 1st, as if I’m almost trying fool myself into thinking I can do this, but I’ll believe the pretty lies that I tell to myself, if it can make me better.

I started on computers a relatively young age for the mid 90s, I was 8 or 9 years old. I knew no one with a computer then. We didn’t have Windows then, just a DOS shell, we didn’t have the internet, just BBSes. Eventually we got Windows and AOL, and I remember, before Nintendo moved to their crappy website, that the Nintendo Power section of AOL was the place to be. It had one of the best chat rooms around. Many of my names were SNES references. PSI Freeze, was one of the first due to a love of Earthbound and Masamune, to me a reference to Chrono Trigger, another favorite game of mine.

There are many things I remember from my youth that are of no consequence, that I for some strange reason remember quite fondly. Before movies used their webpages as advertisements, some of them had these executable files, downloadable from AOL, which features small sounds clips and images, and a simple game related to the movie. The only ones I really remember actually using were Angus and Bio Dome, which I saw, and probably saw before I viewed these advertisements, and are among my favorite movies. I also saw one for The Babysitters Club, although I have never seen the movie. Despite their uselessness, I’d like to find these files, just for the sake of seeing them again, to relive some part of my past.

I also recall these small games called ZZT games. I’m sure with a little research I’m more likely to find these files, but that would deny me the speed with which I wish to write this page. They were among the simplest looking games I ever played, but had some interesting games. One was a parody of the Power Rangers, if I recall correctly, something along the lines of the Llama Rangers. The only thing I remember beyond the name was some strange obsession with Eckerd RX, and was the first time I ever heard of the pharmacy.