Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well obviously my endeavor has failed after only its second day. Which is fine by me, I'm already aware I'm a horrible person. If only I could hold a candle to the Greatest Living American. However the whole point is to better myself, not wallow in the fact that I'm not perfect.

One thing I can point out the ways in which I'm not perfect in hopes that I'll recognize the bad habits when they occur. First of all I'm a consumer whore. In a little more than a month I have obtained 3 DS games (Puzzle Quest, Elite Beat Agents, and Final Fantasy III) , a GBA game (Sigma Star Saga, and an Xbox game (Halo: Combat Evolved). I also have a preorder for Pokemon DS, I could blame that on all my friends who want to get it at the midnight release, and want me to be there, but its still me buying it. At least I'm not paying more to take a bus with them to New York to go to a Pokemon party. I'm not sure how fun that sounds other than hanging out with them, which I can do for free here. Just not right then.

My habit board has gone by the wayside, where I record what I need to do, and whether or not I've done it every day. I should start that again, maybe I'll put the fact that I need to write every day on there.

I don't know what to think about Tech, its still that feeling of disbelief. Luckily none of my friends there were in harms way. All I know is I'm going to look into getting a gun.

Speaking of my second amendment rights, its tax day, probably not best to ask why I correlate the two. My props to the Fair Tax and I hope we can make April 15th, or 17th as it may be, just another day. Even though the day is almost over I haven't filed. I didn't make any income, so I owe no taxes. My father's tax guy said, and this is hearsay on my part, that since I don't owe the government anything, they won't come after me. I'll still file them eventually, just so it doesn't look odd that there is a year missing.

Here's to hoping that I don't further add to the blogfading as I've added to the podfading. I know no one reads this, which is the perfect reason to link this to The Real Man Podcast.

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