Monday, April 2, 2007

In my endeavors to better myself I have resolved to attempt to write at least one page per day. There is no particular reason for doing this, no pattern or chosen subject that I must hold myself to, and ultimately no evidence this will have the desired effect at all. It is almost fitting that I try to start this on April 1st, as if I’m almost trying fool myself into thinking I can do this, but I’ll believe the pretty lies that I tell to myself, if it can make me better.

I started on computers a relatively young age for the mid 90s, I was 8 or 9 years old. I knew no one with a computer then. We didn’t have Windows then, just a DOS shell, we didn’t have the internet, just BBSes. Eventually we got Windows and AOL, and I remember, before Nintendo moved to their crappy website, that the Nintendo Power section of AOL was the place to be. It had one of the best chat rooms around. Many of my names were SNES references. PSI Freeze, was one of the first due to a love of Earthbound and Masamune, to me a reference to Chrono Trigger, another favorite game of mine.

There are many things I remember from my youth that are of no consequence, that I for some strange reason remember quite fondly. Before movies used their webpages as advertisements, some of them had these executable files, downloadable from AOL, which features small sounds clips and images, and a simple game related to the movie. The only ones I really remember actually using were Angus and Bio Dome, which I saw, and probably saw before I viewed these advertisements, and are among my favorite movies. I also saw one for The Babysitters Club, although I have never seen the movie. Despite their uselessness, I’d like to find these files, just for the sake of seeing them again, to relive some part of my past.

I also recall these small games called ZZT games. I’m sure with a little research I’m more likely to find these files, but that would deny me the speed with which I wish to write this page. They were among the simplest looking games I ever played, but had some interesting games. One was a parody of the Power Rangers, if I recall correctly, something along the lines of the Llama Rangers. The only thing I remember beyond the name was some strange obsession with Eckerd RX, and was the first time I ever heard of the pharmacy.

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